Intellectual Property, Patent and Expert Witness Services

  • Evaluation of litigation case strategy from technical and business/cost/benefit and strategic viewpoints: Technical strengths and weaknesses, and Alternative strategies. Development of potential positions and approaches.
  • Intellectual property: Identification of originality and uniqueness of software products. Comparison between original product and allegedly copied version and prior art. Evaluation of designs, implementation, functionality and user interface. Copyrights violation.
  • Patent Cases: Patent claims, validation and invalidation. Claims analysis, infringement and non-infringement. Searching for prior art in U.S and abroad in various forums. Mining patent office databases. Plaintiff, defendant and court appointed cases.
  • Investigation/forensic analysis: Chronology of events and data leading to current situation and direction, as well as the cause and effect.
  • Internet: Website and database design, content, and intellectual property infringement, forensics. Internet Service Provider and email management and operation.
  • Non-Performance Claims: Evaluation of non-performance claims of products for insurance and legal purposes.
  • Expert witness: Acting as expert witnesses for plaintiffs and defendants.
  • Depositions: Support to counsel and witnesses.