James A. Lightfoot

Mr. Lightfoot is a senior consultant in computer science, telecommunications, networking and management. He obtained his Master of Science in Management Science degree from the University of Southern California; and his B.A. degree in Physics from Whittier College. He has an extensive, varied background, with more than twenty-five years of experience in information systems and data processing management, of which fifteen years have been with large mainframe systems and fifteen years have been in the field of personal computers and networking. He specializes on data communications and computer networking, broadband and local area networks, computer infrastructure, data management systems, forensic analysis of computer systems, data recovery, and project management.

In his business management career, Mr. Lightfoot has held positions within Rockwell International Corporation enabling him to stay on the leading edge of computing technology. While in the networking field, he defined, designed and implemented media and protocol independent, integrated Local Area Networks at Downey, Cypress, and Seal Beach, California; Houston, Texas; Huntsville, Alabama; and Canaveral City, Florida, allowing devices to appear to be logically on the LAN at any of the six locations utilizing Broadband, Ethernet, Token Ring and Twisted-Pair media. He was a member of Rockwell's Fiber Optics Advisory Board; the Corporation's LAN Task Group; their Corporate network consultant to other divisions; and received the President's Award in 1988 as the Outstanding Space Businesses Financial Systems Employee. He has Alpha or Beta tested twenty-eight products currently on the networking market, and was instrumental in the design and preliminary specifications for various vendors, including Network Resources Corporation's Apple products and their Ethernet to PC Network Bridge; Hughes LAN Systems' and Allen-Bradley's Token Bus products for transport of Ethernet on Broadband. He designed a network security system utilizing dynamic password protection and a Tempest-approved fiber optic network.

Prior to his involvement in networking, Mr. Lightfoot worked with an IBM Development Team on IMS DB (Data Base) and DC (Data Communications) Systems (1966-68). He was Project Manager for the design and programming of an on-line Production Control System, the original application implemented utilizing IMS (nearly one year before product release); designed and managed the development of an on-line Material Requisition System, a Material Inventory System, Mechanized Attendance and Labor System, a Logistics Inventory System, Manufacturing Planning System, and the Configuration Management System, all utilized on the Apollo and Shuttle Orbiter Programs. He developed the requirements and implemented a division-wide Office Automation Plan, and a long-range computing hardware plan recommending a redirection of computer resources from fixed-function terminals to PCs and a Local Area Network (1983).

He has been involved in forensic analysis of computer systems and data recovery for numerous organizations. He has also been involved in the design and implementation of computer infrastructure, international communication systems and project management systems for clients.

During his career he has been a consultant to firms, such as, EDS, Chevron, US West, WellPoint Health Network, Siam City Cement, SwissAir, Hagemeyer Cosa Liebermann (Switzerland, Hong Kong), Los Angeles County, Equitable Life Assurance, Banco Guipuzcoano (Spain), Burlington Air Express, Long Beach Mortgage Company, Mendes Junior Information Technology International (Brasil), Lockheed Martin, EDS, Allen-Bradley, and various law firms including Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton, and Arter, Hadden, Lawler, Felix, & Hall.

Mr. Lightfoot has authored and presented technical papers at IFIP, NCC, SHARE, and Sytek Network Users' Group conferences. He has taught graduate college courses for fifteen years in Systems Analysis, Data Base Concepts, Data Base Design, Project Management and Management Techniques.